Interview with almighty Kay Gee of the Cold Crush Brothers, excerpt below:

Keeping with this subject – there’s really very few Hiphop artist who are taking full advantage of the internet, and many who remain totally ignorant of it altogether. Why do you think the majority of artists continue to turn away from the advantages of using the ‘net?

KG: To a lot of old and new cats, the internet seems huge. But its really only huge for those who understand it and respect its power. Most people today are still very analogue – they’ve been programmed to remain analogue and NOT take it to that high-definition level. And also, there’s still a lot of people who don’t have a computer in their house. So, I can understand how they can get caught up and don’t understand… is a computer gonna make their life different? Yes of course, but they don’t know that yet. Me personally I’m a Hiphop geek… I’ve been down since Pong! I’ve been playing Pong before people even knew what a home games system was. So for me, its been a natural progression for me – I’ve always been into computer systems and stuff. As far as Hiphop is concerned, I’ve tried to express to people how the internet is gonna be the way to sell music – one day its gonna be the ONLY way to get music, cos people ain’t gonna be wanting to go the stores no more. And that’s another reason why I created the site – not just to sell music, but also to update people with info on what they should be doing and how they should do it. Also half of the proceeds from the site go to Money Ray’s 4 children – Money Ray was an original Cold Crush Brother and he passed away almost two years ago. And that’s something I wanted to do personally because me and him came up together, and I brought him into the Cold Crush.