And it won’t be under his other moniker, Bobby Digital. While the two Digi releases are respected in their own right, most fans have been (im)patiently waiting for The Cure. First mentioned on the back cover of Rza As Bobby Digital In Stereo and after an incredible amount of hype and numerous release dates, it has garnered a reputation as one of those albums that will always be talked about but never be released. Well, The Cure may soon be upon us, maybe…

Rza - The Formula For The Cure

…according to WuTangCorp, The Formula for The Cure will be hitting stores in a few weeks. Although not the album, it will contain several new tracks, exclusive beats and verses, plus never-before-heard commentary by the Rza regarding The Cure. While a track listing is not yet available, the guest spots alone should make this release a must-buy as the contributions of Stevie Wonder and Isaac Hayes have been confirmed.

Is Rza finally ready to deliver The Cure or is this limited edition release just a testing of the waters? Either way, I am sure many fans (including me) will be purchasing The Formula when it drops.