Myutopia Recordings is getting ready to release The Cell Series, 10 DVDs featuring DVD-Audio from emerging producers and artists. Most notably the project will feature work from Daddy Kev (who’s done work with just about everyone in the LA underground and recently contributed to the upcoming Sage Francis album) and everyone’s favorite Living Legend the Grouch. All the tracks are mixed in 5.1 surround sound and include bonus footage and videos. The Grouch’s DVD Audio is a Greatest Hits album titled My Baddest B*itches.

Although the industry still seems to be experimenting with this audio format, could 24 bit/96 kHz DVD-Audio have potential to become the standard for the best listening experience for recorded music? Do people want the best sound or are they satisfied with their mp3s that tend to reduce the quality of the recording? If widespread file-sharing networks didn’t have the corporations shook would the industry even be trying new formats or attempting to “add value” to their products?