The Pedestrian
Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Pedestrian. His responses exhibit an intense analysis and his viewpoint reminds me of Vincent Gallo’s seemingly constant and extreme sense of self-awareness. I remember seeing this interview posted on a board somewhere but I finally found the original source. You can read the whole thing at sonores.

“I’ve only grown more extravagently skeptical of the whole process of releasing music and its attendant constellation of compromises since the above quote was registered. Record stores are fucking boneyards. The formaldehyde sticks in your nostrils as you make a trail from genre to genre, glance at engraved release dates, and stuff what you can under your arm before leaving. Releasing music is the first step in assuring that a piece of music is contained and readied to be quickly forgotten. Promotional obits are written up in magazines and on websites. If you’re halfway lucky as an artist, you get to travel around and routinely re-live your album’s finer moments. The alternative isn’t necessarily to not release music, or to only do it in hand-numbered editions of 100, but to radically re-evaluate the context in which your music meets the world. Any productive artist in a consumer society, and especially musicians, whose form is more easily and passively digested than most others, needs to consciously and persistently intervene in the ways in which art is bought, sold, and used to sell other shit. This is the very process by which art is devitalized, desacralized, depoliticized, or in other words isolated from life as its truly lived.”