Pete Rock

Pete Rock has talked extensively (and bitterly) about this before so I’m glad he’s gotten over it. His remix definitely holds its own too. Link

Speaking of revered emcees you’ve worked with; you knew Biggie too, right?

Yeah. Sean [“Puffy” Combs] brought Biggie over to my house in Mount Vernon way back when. We kicked it and talked all night. Biggie wanted to see my procedures and how I made beats—that’s how we met. There’s a song called “In The Flesh” on The Main Ingredient, and he was present when I made it. I remember, I made it from scratch right in front of him! So when I hear that track nowadays, it takes me back to that exact moment, like, “That’s how I met Biggie!”

You produced “Juicy” but never got credited for it—What’s the story behind that?

Biggie and Sean came to my house one day and the beat was playing on my drum machine. Biggie thought I was making it for C.L. When I told him I was just making it for myself, he immediately wanted it. I said sure, but didn’t think much of it. Then, next thing I know, I heard it playing somewhere. I’m over it now though.

Have any efforts been made to give you proper credit for it?

No, nothing’s been done, but that was back then. Life goes on. I settled and just did a remix for it. Really though, I just wish Biggie was still alive for me to work with him.

  1. (Reply) on Sep 22, 2008

    great post I didn’t know this

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  3. Stevo (Reply) on Sep 23, 2008

    This was a really good post. It sucks that such a classic beat wasn’t credited to the right person; I actually think I would like the song more knowing that Pete Rock produced it!