The Story of Ivan ‘Doc’ Rodriguez

Excellent interview with the great Ivan ‘Doc’ Rodriguez. By Impose Magazine [via]

IR: Some of the greatest records in the history of this industry that carry my name as engineer were actually produced BY ME. Being new to the game I did what I did to survive and to feed my family so therefore there is a lack of credits. I can make “beats” with my eyes closed and they will never be flukes because I actually know how to make a record and not just loop someone else’s ideas!.

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2 thoughts on “The Story of Ivan ‘Doc’ Rodriguez

  1. Barcelo Light

    Wow. What a great story. and the best thing about it was how the writer went into detail!!! It was long. It was like almost watching a documentary but reading it instead. Loaded with facts to.

    Yeah, I agree that this guy is right up there with producers like timbaland, RZA, etc. He did say that he didnt get credit for anything since he was know and that so-called people who were producers were faking the funk without his credit! whatever..but man what a kick-ass story.

    i will be reading the poundcake from now on. are there other articles in the poundcake?


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