Mush Records’ Scratch and Dent Sale

If you’re like me and don’t care much about cracked jewel cases or random sticker prices on the shrink wrap, check out the sale going on at Mush Records. Prices are set at a crazy inexpensive 8cds for $10 or 15cds for $15. Supplies are limited so act fast. Link

As a result of our recent switch to Secretly Canadian Distribution/ADA Distribution, we’ve done a complete inventory, and found a number of cds that are unsellable because of flaws in the packaging. These flaws fall into 2 camps: returns that are stickered with a store price tag that we can’t cleanly peel off (really no flaw at all since the sticker is over the shrink wrap), or product with a crack or blemish on the jewel case (the cracks are reasonably minor, not major breaks).

It seems a shame to throw the product away, so for a short time, we will be holding our first scratch & dent sale. If there are titles you always wanted to have (or maybe titles you’ve downloaded from a file-sharing network where you wished you had the artwork) now is the chance to get them cheap.

The deal we are offering is 8 CDs for $10, or 15 CDs for $15! Of course prices do not include shipping, but the price per CD is really quite low when shipping multiple discs.

To place your order, visit our online store. The very first item is the scratch & dent special. Choose either the $10 or $15 option. On the bottom of the page, choose ADD TO CART. Once you are complete your order, you will be prompted to give your name and address. There is also a comments section under your address/phone/email. Make sure to tell us in the comments section which CDs you want (include catalog number, artist title, and album name – just copy and paste from the titles listed below).

MH207: Labtekwon – Song Of The Sovereign
MH208: Jel – 10 Seconds
MH210: Qua – Forgetabout
MH213: Clue To Kalo – Come Here When You Sleepwalk
MH216: Andre Afram Asmar – Racetothebottom
MH217: Listener – Whispermoon
MH219: Villain Accelerate – Maid Of Gold
MH220: Neutrino – Neutrino
MH221: Omid – Monolith
MH222: Octavius – Audio Noir
MH223: Thavius Beck – Decomposition
MH225: The Opus – Breathing Lessons
MH226: Radioinactive And Antimc – Free Kamal
MH228: Circus Vs. Andre Afram Asmar – Gawd Bless The Faceless Cowards
MH229: Qua – Painting Monsters On Clouds
MH230: cLOUDDEAD – Ten
MH231: Her Space Holiday – The Young Machines Remixed
MH232: Daedelus – Exquisite Corpse
MH233: Scientific American – Strong For The Future
MH234: Bibio – Fi
MH236: S.E.V.A. – S.E.V.A.
MH237: iD And Sleeper – Displacement
MH238: Clue To Kalo – One Way, It’s Every Way
MH239: Bigg Jus – Poor People’s Day
MH240: Pedro – Pedro [2006 Edition]
MH241: Nobody & Mystic Chords Of Memory – Tree Colored See
MH242: Caural – Remembering Today
MH243: Blue Sky Black Death – A Heap Of Broken Images
MH247: Thavius Beck – Thru
MH249: Caural – Mirrors For Eyes
MH250: Antimc – It’s Free But It’s Not Cheap
MH251: Loden – Valeen Hope
MH253: Fisk Industries – EPs And Rarities