HNIC 2 Cover

Funny review of HNIC 2, the latest album from Prodigy scheduled for an April release date. Link

Sometime in the past year, Prodigy officially usurped Jim Jones’ title as our favorite ROTI—that is, our favorite Rapper on the Internet. Pee earned the title with hilarious on-camera diatribes, grimy low-budget videos, and, as Pee himself might put it—THE BEST RAPPER BLOG EVER, SO STOP HATIN’ THAT PRODIGY AIN’T SCARED AND IS A REAL INDIVIDUAL TO SAY WHAT’S ON HIS MIND, YOU OVERSTAND??????

So it was with breathless anticipation that we cracked open Prodigy’s latest, H.N.I.C. Pt. 2, the follow-up to last year’s end-to-end burner, Return of the Mac. Prison bars can’t stop the flow of this Pee, pissants.