New music by Dimbaza Mfazwe Dumile.

MFAZWE – Limitless

True blue-bloods, like Ivanka Trump, Jamie Johnson, among others, from a generation that brought us everything from video games to hip-hop, certainly must have an eclectic taste in music. For prominent socialites, there has never been a rap song that truly represented their esoteric lifestyle, until now. “Limitless” – (the social-elite anthem).

Limitlessnesses’ – pronouced [lim-it-lis-nes-iz-iz]
meaning: To be endlessly resourced

As a child, I had a Haitian servant named Seeveetree. She lived in the servant’s quarters, in the lower level of the estate. We loved Seeveetree – she ate breakfast with us at the table every morning, sat at Thanksgiving dinners, and other gatherings – she was part of the family – but her primary duties were that of servant.

When entertaining guests, at the mansion in Yonkers, where we summered, we had a Mexican live-in servant there; Pedro, & his wife, & his young daughter. We loved Pedro & his family too, and it was genuine. They lived in a servant’s quarters, in a separated wing, and we’d go there, Yes, to brief him on how to prepare for our night of entertaining (he was a very good cook), but to also say hello, and connect with them again. It’s important to be genuine to others, no matter what their social or economic status.

However, both of my child-hood servants enjoyed a social-status that could always one-up me, if they’d ever tried — I was merely a ‘house-guest’. A very loved and embraced house-guest, to the envy of the estate owner’s own children – but, none-the-less, just a house-guest.

My experience being part of upper-class life, as a house-guest to a rich up-state New York family, has resulted in my favoring aspects of aristocratic lifestyle; beautiful woman, luxury items, spacious homes, certain predicate & etiquette – obviously, leaving an indelible impression on me. Afterall, I was only 8 years old – a kid, in a proverbial candy-store.

Recording “Limitless” was not so much ameliorative, as it was reminiscent. I have since fallen out of those social-circles, due to my lack of social-climbing abilities — and, as it goes, you’re never really completely ‘disconnected’. In an implicatively evocative collaboration, inexplicably linking our thoughts, Vanity Fair columnist Jamie Johnson, wrote a gnostic article last week,”On Walkers, Extra Men, and Professional Houseguests”, delving even further into the house-guest phenomenon – at that same time, I went into the studio to embody the distinction, that those who are able to secure wealth and status, enjoy, from an insider’s perspective – actualizing the social-elite anthem, “Limitless”.

Special thanks to Jamison Stanford of ‘Sound Seekerz Studios’, for doing an impeccable job, once again – Thank you.