via Nickel Plated 22

From being the youngest member of the legendary Juice Crew in the late 80’s as Intelligent Hoodlum, to reintroducing the world to the grimy and conscious side of QBC in the mid 90s, Tragedy Khadafi is a bonifide Hiphop Legend.

Tragedy is currently locked up in NY on trumped up charges in what appears to be a shady set-up. With minimal support from the industry, Hungry Bros. Boom Sound has chosen to reach out and support Tragedy the way he supported us on the song “The Damage” which appears on Ras Ceylon’s “Scientific/Non-Fiction” album. We are in direct contact with him and his family and ALL DONATIONS WILL BE SENT DIRECTLY 2 TRAGEDY KHADAFI’S FAMILY! We thank you in advance for supporting HipHop culture and the legends that built it. 25 Salute! – Ras Ceylon

DJ Dawit Justice of Hungry Bros. Boom Sound brings you a raw mix of Tragedy Khadafi classics, blended with Top Notch Hip Hop Production, from Producers Dawit envisions Tragedy creating classics with. 53 Minutes of Beats, Rhymes, Mash-Ups and Fx. fellow Hungry Bros., Ras Ceylon and June22 contribute Word, Sound & Power to the Sound scape.