Despite the fact that everyone was lip-syncing all night (instrumentals?), this was probably the best Kool Keith show I’ve ever been to. Too bad it was billed as an Ultramagnetic MC’s show. At the end of the night, Keith brought out the rest of the group (Ced Gee, TR Love and DJ Moe Love) and wanted to send a message to all the people out there who complained about some of them missing scheduled shows. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think chillin’ on stage the whole night actually counts as “being there” to fans. Aside from all of this, the show was great. Keith performed material from his large solo catalogue as well as from the early Ultramagnetic albums. He ended the night with a hyped up performance of Poppa Large. Check out our yout*be channel for more live show footage! Oh and one more thing. The turnout was absolutely horrible. I estimated the crowd to number only around 60-70. And there were actually people leaving DURING Keith’s set! show info, yout*be channel

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