Poppa Wu (ODB Memorial)

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Note to self: Just because I sponsor an event doesn’t mean I should blatantly pimp myself on stage with the artists during their performance. Hip-hop marketing at its best worst. On to the show…

On the way home I promised myself I would write an unfavorable review but then I remembered grandgood doesn’t really believe in them so… Anyway, it was probably my fault that I expected an event flyer to depict what was actually going to take place right? I paid to see a Wu-Tang performance and listen to ODB’s new album so if none of that happened, then my bad right? Was I a victim of artists backing out at the last minute or false advertising? I really hope it isn’t the latter because if that’s the case, someone got paid big-time by misleading the public. But enough of the negative stuff.

It was great to see ODB’s family and friends enjoying themselves. Plus, I also enjoyed the Shyheim and Islord (of Killarmy) performances. Check out a video of the Islord freestyle below. However, the best part of the night for me were the conversations I had with Special K (of Awesome Two) and Craig G. Apparently, Craig G’s new album will be out next year with production by Marley Marl, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Alchemist. He also informed me that the rumored KRS-One and Marley Marl collabo album is finished and in the process of being mixed down! By the way, I’ve been sleepin’ on this post for over three months so sorry if that’s not big news.

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Ol’ Dirty Bastard Memorial Show in NYC (11/15 @ 9pm)

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