Date: Nov 2, 2006 6:39 PM

Peace to all,

I am proud to see so many cultures reaching out to preserve conscious music. There is such a positive response not only to the coming of the new X Clan Album, but to the merging of Hip Hop subcultures. We have become so separate in the hip hop nation that we lose the definition of what good music really is. Good music serves the people, it shouldn’t destroy our faith in life; it shouldn’t divide the elder and younger generations. My mission is to serve the people with what they deserve; a positive message in a negative time. If I did this album with no music the content should still stimulate evolution in hip writers, in the coach potatoes who aspire to be American idols, etc. I’m not out to save the world in a day, getting hip hop back to a believable status of maturity is a serious task.

The new X Clan album (Return from Mecca) is the guinea pig project for a new “Golden Era” in this new Millennium. Do the supporters of that era still exist? Does the original X Clan audience even listen to Hip Hop? Will the new generation embrace the X Clan like the previous generation? These are issues that I had to address when I started this project, these are questions I had before I approached any label; as you can see by this album’s completion means I have faith in the people! The “Golden Era” of music was created by the people not the artists; the power of the people is not just a statement but a reality. It’s time to represent! Every person that complains about radio and video content, every parent that can’t share current day Hip Hop with there seeds, every artist that spits fire intelligence and can’t be heard; Step up and reclaim your ground!