Interesting to see the differences in perspective in these two explanations of the Harlem Shake craze. The Fader offers specific background from the vantage point of an almost interested party, with loose connections to the music and the The Root, more removed, is able to provide a more poignant cultural interpretation. I take minor issue with both as one exudes an underlying sense of desperation for credit, as marketers and wannabe monetizers tend to do, and the latter seems to miss the almost accidental nature of the terminology in play and also, I think, unnecessarily takes a negative view of the exposure. I think there is an argument to be made that the multiple large audiences will actually lead to more discussion and more discovery of the real Harlem Shake dance, albeit with contributions from critical parties, such as Tamara Palmer. By the way, there are some vdos where heads are at least trying to do it correctly, like this one from fake Obama.