Recent interview with the great DJ Cheese, conducted by JayQuan. Link

D.J. Cheese is a living definition of an unsung artist. His name is hardly ever mentioned when people speak of legendary D.J.s, but many of us know the truth. In addition to Cheese’s accomplishments that we discussed in the interview, Cheese also won the 1986 DMC turntable championship. This is very significant because the contest started in 1985, and there weren’t any Dj’s even scratching in the competition yet!! When Cheese won the world title, the runner up screamed: “is this a scratching competition or a mixing competition”. So in other words Cheese opened the door for all the tricks and back spinning that we see in the DMC competition today! It’s cool to interview the big name , but cats like Mix Master Cheese are the reason why I continue to help preserve this history!

DJ Cheese @ 1986 World DMC’s