Keeper Of The Seven Keys is the first leak from forthcoming Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz collabo album, Heavy Metal Kings. This past weekend we attended the screening of Ra The Rugged Man’s Bad Biology, a somewhat graphic and tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy about uncontrollable lust. And Vinnie has a short but notable role as a rapper fingering models that are wearing vagina masks, in the mask mind you. This takes place during a promotional magazine photoshoot, of course, otherwise it might not make sense. For a brief moment though Vinnie’s character breaks the fifth wall and expounds on the meaning behind the masks. Discussing rap’s objectification of women for a split second during a film that revolves around a homicidal nymphomaniac and a man with a giant penus that develops its own consciousness might seem pointless but it at least serves as a reminder that sometimes the recorded work doesn’t offer the full spectrum of an artist’s perspective. It makes me wonder what their music would be like if they broke the character of their content a bit more often, if that makes any sense.