Been wanting to upload this for bout 2 years now. I guess everything has its time. Return of the Rasta is a roots reggae series I’ve been compiling since my first visit to CO back in ’08. The first of three, Babylon Prophecy, is about the return of someone to their city-state, their home, and fulfills a prophecy. Big change a-coming. This is where the story begins.

Return of the Rasta – Babylon Prophecy

Mickey Dread – Roots And Culture
Don Carlos – Traveling So Long
Bad Brains – Leaving Babylon
Trumystic – Chino Pablo
Tristan Palma – Mr. False Preacher
Johnny Clark – Judgment On The Land
420 Interlude
Dry And Heavy – Kick The Bong Around
Scientist – East Of Scientist Corner
Resination – Guitarica
Early B – Righteous Rasta
Don Carlos – Working Everyday
U. Mike – Mary Moore
Knowledge – Population
Tribal Seeds – Youth Rebellion
Anthony Selassie & Louie Culture – Ya-Ho
The Visionary – Version
Swayzak – People Of The Book

For your observation, interpretation and personal mental collaboration.

O” is a time-traveling explorer (aren’t we all?) currently observing reality & interpreting culture in Denver, CO