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As recently as July, Odd Future wasn’t sure what the future held. They had sent their music out to some hip-hop blogs, but it wasn’t getting much love. Their sound was too weird, too slow, too fucked up. Odd Future thought they probably would have to go back to school after summer. Then a writer for U.K. music magazine The Wire stumbled across them. He wrote a feature for the magazine’s September issue and pimped Odd Future to everyone he knew.

Fader blogged about them at the end of August: “If the rappers in Odd Future were indicative of California’s social climate, the West Coast would be currently experiencing a miniature apocalypse, complete with grocery store looting and armed survivalist militias, plus tons of drugs and skateboarding.” Other bloggers started getting onboard, and buzz started to spread. Then MTV name-checked Odd Future in their list of 10 most anticipated albums. Even Snoop didn’t make that cut.