Celph Titled on his collabo LP with producer Buckwild. Diggin this very much. With all the tracks, including skits and interludes, the project includes about 25 unreleased beats, wow. Link

Celph Titled: I gotta give respect to Buck for seeing the concept of this project as he’s a current producer and this is something he doesn’t have to do as he is still selling beats, new and current tracks. So for him to take the time out to work on this shows the love he has for the music.

Buck will probably tell you, there are a million reasons why these beats weren’t used; the label didn’t clear them [or whatever], who knows what happened. But all I know is this dude is a Hip Hop dude.

Buckwild: When we was thinking about it and putting it together I had to jump at the idea because it was unheard of. It is something that a lot of people are going to try and mimic. You will have the cats that will go to [DJ Premier], Pete Rock, Large Professor and it’s cool. You know, coming from that time you couldn’t go and bite the next mans’ idea, so it’s almost a little harder. Now it’s cool to bite. I am a Hip Hop dude, I love music and I love to hear it.