Three videos above are for tracks from Tyler’s self produced Bastard album. Below is live footage of Tyler and homies performing Odd Toddlers and subsequently being disqualified from what looks like a high school talent show. Got a feeling if I was a teenager again this would be my shit. They are the antithesis of the Ashley Roth Grind aesthetic, and trust me I can appreciate that. I’m not saying I’m into rapey rape talk and homophobic slurs, it’s just that I think these kids are being more honest with their craft. And I also think that the dark devil shit is more of a countering or reaction to the holier-than-thou-we-are-the-world political correctness that makes it’s way through corporate approved media channels than a system of belief. Underneath the sarcasm seem to be some thoughtful young (and I mean young) kids (as proof, here’s a video of Tyler coming out in opposition to Proposition 8, in a fun and intelligent way).