Annoying themes in rap music described with a fair balance of snark and insight. Add one and pass it along. Number 11 for me: Lists. Link

10. Branding

“I like Nike but wait a minute/The neighborhood supports so put some money in it…” So proclaimed the great Chuck D. Sadly, these days his words sound like a relic from an altogether punchier era, such is the enthusiasm rappers show towards basically agreeing to rhyme for a free baseball cap that won’t really protect them against the global-warming era elements anyway. Corporate sponsorship of artists could have been a philanthropic solution to declining record sales. Instead, thanks to the myopic desperation of most rappers, it’s become nothing but a pass for large corporations to rejoice in a cost-cutting 99% decrease in their promotional budgets. Note to rappers: Aligning yourself with companies who don’t give a damn about hip-hop isn’t healthy for any aspect of the scene. And when you get too fat and old for them to care about giving you free jeans, that ol’ box of Newports and some Puma sweats is going to seem like the financial nest egg you never quite could attain.