That’s number 20/20 of “pretty important things” Noah Callahan, Editor in chief of Complex magazine, has learned over the years. For the record, I dislike lists. Especially year end lists and more so click through Complex lists. Although that recent Boo-yah Tribe one was pretty legit. That aside, there are some niche nuggets here for check seeking writers and corporate politickers, although none too original. I especially liked this one: “4) If you’re gonna shit on someone’s rhyme, you should try, at least once, to sit down and write a 16. It’s hard. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion as a listener and consumer, but a little respect for the difficulty of the process may inform how you express your dissatisfaction.” This would have come in handy to anyone using “fail miserably” to describe Slick Rick’s rhymes.