Old School Hip Hop Tapes blog re-upped this classic rare DJ Whiz Kid (RIP) tape from around 1981 that they shared earlier this year. This audio is supposed to be rare but I have a feeling a lot of great DJs of the past might have studied this tape. His recording discography doesn’t do him justice, Whiz Kid was one of the nicest DJs ever. Link

part 1

part 2

For those who want to know some more about Whiz Kid, here is a quote from MC Lucky on the OSHH forum about the way Whiz started his ‘dj career’:
“Originally Harold (Whiz Kid) didn’t even want to dj…he just did it in the house. Ironically me (MC Lucky) and his brother Mike (Mike G) had another dj who is the brother of the late Pumpkin. We finally convinced Harold G (as he was known) to join us, we dropped the other dj, and became DJ Whiz Kid and the High Powered MCs. I lived in Twin Parks (183 & Prospect) so I would bring Harold and Mike around and we started playing music in the projects. Later we added Cisco who used to hang out with Charlie Chase and we became the High Powered 3 MCs. After doing a lot of block stuff we started doing the T-Connection with Herc and that’s when Whiz Kid really blew up.”