“Leon Botha – Who Am I?…Transgressions”

Leon Botha reflects, as do many of us during the Southern Solstice. Happy year end mofos.

Shredded slices of a converstion touching on creation, the Hermetic laws and principles, the notion of interpretating and fitting things like meaning & destiny into a timeline, hinting in the direction of asking questions regarding the self, the “I”.

Shot and edited by Gordon Clark.
To be displayed as a part of our collaborative photographic exhibition: “Who Am I? …Transgressions” at the Joao Ferreira Gallery in Loop Street, Cape Town.
Starting the 13th of January, 2010

Just to be CLEAR: I don’t believe in anything. Not “good” or “evil”, that is all relative. And not “THE truth”, because that is exclusive of other possibilities or “truths”. What I mean by using the principles to find truth, is to make a subjective interpretation by which we direct ourselves in the ongoing experiences and ideas of life. These should always be made with an understanding that is open to change: Humility..

“Chinese Water Torture”