New mix by DJ Hot Day inspired by the great old school sound systems and DJs from Queens, which coincides with a screening for the documentary Founding Fathers at the theatre at Langston Hughs Library in Corona, Queens today Saturday November 28th.

DJ Hot Day – Music to be thankful for….
Before you can become a DJ you must listen to DJs!
I became fascinated with sound systems & DJ’s when i was 9 years old growing in L.I.C./Queensbridge,… HERE IS A LATE 70’s & 80’s CLUB MUSIC MIX I Dedicate to the first DJs i heard play music when i was just a young boy, my Brother BRICE T FRANKLIN THE ORR BROTHERS & THE DISCO TWINS …i love all music and here is just a taste of my classic club set…. ALSO R.I.P. LARRY LAVAN and ALL THE DJs THAT STARTED NIGHT CLUBS IN NYC…. Enjoy Happy holidays! (via)