In response to Puffy’s recent rant.

Doo Wop said, “Are these deejays [you’re] referring to the same and very well selected deejays that influential people such as yourself personally empower to spin your ‘new single’ first, while the so called ‘deejays with style’ gets it last and probably from a radio rip where YOUR DJ OF CHOICE already played it?”

Responding to Diddy’s profession that “Deejays don’t expose you to newness,” Doo Wop responded by asking, “When’s the last time you used that undeniable Diddy influence to help (as you say), a ‘deejay with style’ get a radio spot since you’re so disappointed at the state of the radio game?”

Diddy expressed that he is a fan of Q-Tip’s creativity, but Doo Wop believes Diddy does not act on his beliefs. “If Q-Tip is who you’re hiring nowadays to rock your parties, then I commend you because he does think out the box when it comes to the one and two’s. But if I recall correctly, not too long ago the only deejays you would allow to spin at your extravagant star studded celebrity affairs were the same exact ones you’re now blaming for the state of the deejay game,” the veteran DJ said.

via hiphopdx