Last week, Chris and I went to the Scion Easy 10 film screening @ Tribeca Cinemas. Open bar + free popcorn = CV & Ming win. We were there to see the Big Daddy Kane documentary, BDK. Directed by Anthony Marshall (co-founder of Lyricist Lounge), it ran at a short but effective 15 minutes or so. The film weaves in and out of scenes showcasing Kane’s persona and rhyming abilities with a true fan’s sensibility. The crowd response was awesome and, hopefully, it inspires an attempt at a more lengthy and comprehensive doc, ’cause you definitely are left with a desire to see more. Above is a short, unofficial trailer that I threw together. Big ups to Scion for providing a forum for an event like this to go down (and for the DVD copy!). Shout outs to all those in attendance like Big Jeff, Big Daddy Kane, Anthony Marshall, Danny Castro and Retro Kids. Specials thanks to Maria. Link