I’ve been waiting for this to hit the net. Although with a pre-interwebs focus on zines a lot of the themes are applicable to the blogosphere and indie rap scene. A Paper Tiger TV presentation.

This Paper Tiger Television production was created in collaboration with author and activist Anne Elizabeth Moore. The show takes a look at how corporations are chipping away at democracy and personal integrity by copying the style and techniques of alternative culture. The program examines how and why anti-corporate culture and independent media have been co-opted by corporate advertising and their profit-making agenda, examining instances where the government and big business collude to silence independent voicesand concerns for social justice. Moore explains what happens when the underground becomes just another market and the implications for a democracy founded on the ideals of access to a diversity of ideas and perspectives. It also provides insight as to why underground culture willingly participates and what independent artists and media makers can do about it. Paper Tiger Televisions 27-year history of provocative independent television and Moores 23 years of independent print publishing combine in this compelling look at cultural production and economic censorship in this age of rampant branding.

via Rob Walker