This track was produced by Dj Green Lantern for the Russell Simmons / Barack Obama Mix CD but was ultimately left off of the final tracklisting. It leaked a few days ago but just got the official ok to throw it up. Video coming soon. Peace to NYOIL.

NYOIL – Father (Prod. by Dj Green Lantern)

With Barack Obama having been elected as President Of the United States a few things resonated with me. Not the cynical stuff this go round. To be honest I’m tired of all the cynics and naysayers.. the conspiracy theorist and educated haters. Right now I want to be inspired and I want to inspire with my art. I will always challenge the status quo.. but at the same time there has to be rhyme with our reason.

I remember being invited to James Town to perform for the New Black Panther Party.. and amidst a sea of angry faces I stopped mid show and asked them what are you fighting for? What are you struggling for? So as I listen to some of my own music and messages I ask myself what am I fighting for?

I’m fighting so i can be happy. I’m fighting so I can play with my children and have fun with my family. To be able to do and share with them all the things this world has to offer us. So I struggled and struggled day in and day out. The days turned into weeks and the weeks to months and they to years. Then one day I woke up to find my oldest son was 18 years old and my youngest son was 15. And that hurts me to some extent… because i realize that all the while I’ve been fighting, the thing I’d been fighting for was happening and I’d missed some portion of it.

Sometimes I don’t think people appreciate how difficult it is to be a Man in this world.. or to be a Father in this world. How thankless it all can be how much you miss, how many times you have to shield your emotions in order to effectively lead. even when you’re dying inside.

So I have this song right.. it’s Called “Father” I originally did it for the “Barack Obama” mix CD hosted by Green Lantern. It celebrates and speaks from my experiences as a father to fathers worldwide.

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