Via Hypebeast:

As a musician, activist, poet, MC and front man of Rage Against the Machine, Zach De La Rocha energized an entire generation of youth by injecting a sense of political awareness in an apathetic modern music scene. His angry emphatic howling vocals over Rage’s metal thrash made the bands’ music almost radioactive compared to the music that was being released at the time. Although Rage has since broken up, reformed and gone on tour again there hasn’t been a proper Rage album since 2000’s “Renegade” which was just a cover album. While the remaining remembers have formed separate groups (Audioslave) in the ashes of Rage, it is obvious that Zach left a gaping hole in a music industry that has become all too safe. After which seems to have been an eternity, Zach finally returns to the scene with a new group formed with Mars Volta drummer John Theodore titled One Day As a Lion. The EP drops July 22nd and the first single “Wild International” sounds like a cross between Led Zeppelin and Dr. Dre. Zach’s lyricism is still there with more b-boy swagger then before. Here’s to hoping the next hiatus won’t be as long.

Check out their Myspace page One Day As a Lion.