A while back I made a post about my distaste for the Afronerd blog. It stemmed from a critique that K.B. wrote with regards to the (what at the time appeared to be) limited perspective that was being portrayed on that site. Haven’t been back since but I do remember appreciating the thoughtful comments left by some afronerds. And now I look forward to a thoughtful discussion on the state of hip-hop tomorrow. Link

via Democracy & Hip-Hop Project

Tomorrow night at 7PM Central, I will be making a guest appearance along with Jay Smooth of hiphopmusic.com and illdoctrine.com on the blogger Dburt’s Afronerd Radio to discuss the state of hip-hop, among other things. Both Dburt and I are fans of Jay Smooth both as a DJ and a commentator.

Over a year ago, I was put on to the blog Afronerd through D&HHP co-contributer Rob Odell when he visited author Mat Johnson’s Niggerati Manor. Upon leaving a comment in a response to a recent blog, Rob was encouraged by Mat to check out Afronerd. Rob promptly directed my attention to it and I was struck immediately by its controversial content. I later commented on Afronerd, and what started as a critique of what I would call an exhausted and narrow “Talented Tenth” perspective, turned into an intense debate over white folks role in hip-hop.

I imagine that tomorrow night it will be less about white folks within hip-hop and more about its so-called depravity. Feel free to call in to (646) 915-9620 and add content to the discussion. It should be interesting to hear Dburt and Jay Smooth nonetheless.

If y’all can’t listen in live, it will be archived for later listening at the same URL.

Thanks to Dburt for inviting me to participate.

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