Finally (The EP) by Blame One

Ripped from the vinyl only release by Blame One himself. Extended liner notes with a personal account of the songs can be found on, the new Blame One and Exile blog. The download features mp3s digitized @ 256kbps. Dope. Link

This download will be really dope to some, outdated and/or even wack to others.Fuck it, it is what it is. I recorded this from vinyl straight to mp3 for the first time. I originally only pressed 500 copies of this on vinyl. It was my first vinyl as a solo artist (my group mysterys extinction was featured on vinyl before this). I to this day only have one copy so its very limited. Two songs ended up on “chemically imballanced” but they were heard here first. I didnt add any restoration or effects to clean it up, I kept it exactly as is. Ive always wanted to tell a bit of history behind songs and since this is free… I figured… why not