Carlos “After Dark” Berrios, noted freestyle producer and music editor, gives us a quick history of freestyle group TKA and how they were signed to Tommy Boy Records. Link

“I used to pass out flyers in the street for Harlem World”, Kayel says. “One day I see Afrika Bambaataa going into what I thought had been the entrance to a soccer store. It wasn’t hard to spot him, he had that Mohawk and wore a leather outfit.”

Kayel, young and impulsive, approached Bambaataa and introduced himself. “Bam then brought me upstairs to what turned out to be Tommy Boy Records”, relates Kayel.

“The receptionist was a dude with a pushed back D.A. and a moustache”, Kayel tells me. “He asks, what is this place?” “It’s a record company”, is the response from Joey Gardner.

Kayel had lived just about everywhere in Spanish Harlem at one time or another. But now he realized he was living only three blocks away from Tommy Boy Records, the home of “Planet Rock” and The Soul Sonic Force.