G-Bo The Pro, Dj Rei, Double R

G-Bo The Pro just made my weekend. He posted the Intro to Side B of one of my favorite mixtapes of all time. The intro incorporates the famous horn sample from Hector Lavoe with Come Clean by Jeru The Damaja. I used to love this tape so much I literally played all my dubs to the point where they all snapped. I remember driving to Miami one time with my parents and throwing fits ’cause I had to share it with one of my closest friends so we can rock it in our Walkmans. The good ol’ days, when one of our biggest worries were how to rock our kicks the right way.

Stream the Intro to Side B of Mixtape No. 18 by G-Bo The Pro, Dj Rei and Double R
You can still cop a box set from G-Bo for that perfect xmas gift. Visit him at myspace.com/gbothepro

update: Thanks to G Bo The Pro, you can now download this blend