Interview with Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz of Onyx. Among other things, they talk about hooking up with Jam Master Jay, a new rap-rock album entitled Thug Rock and their acting careers. If ya ask me, the interview was kind of boring. I wish there were more questions about the JMJ days. Link

What do you think is the biggest difference between rap now and rap when you guys first got on the scene?

Sticky Fingaz: When we came out, it was more intricate and lyrical. There were more battle rhymes. Now it’s about dance steps. It’s about acts trying to entertain instead of intrigue.

Fredro Starr: To me the difference is that it’s more interactive now. When we came out there was not Internet. There was no MySpace. There was no Youtube.com. Now you don’t even need a record deal. If you really into what you doing then you can use MySpace and all the other outlets we have. Even Rap Pages, ya’ll not even printing out magazines anymore ya’ll can just do it online. There are no boundaries right now. Hip-hop brings the world closer. Record sales not what they use to be because you can download an album. When my first record came out there was no CD’s just a cassette or a record. Now there are MP3’s.