DJ Premier

Spoken by one of the best hip-hop producers ever. (Thanks Dmitriy!) Link

Do you believe in making music from scratch or is sampling the way to go?

It depends on the artist. Some sound better one way or the other. Dr. Dre sample any kind of music. Kanye West dropped music where it was more keyboard sounds on the tracks. I don’t care if it’s on the keyboard or sampled, as long as it sounds dope. Only reason I like sampling its ‘cause it’s the art of the old 70’s sound. It’s really what the old sound of Hip Hop originated from. Artists didn’t have the equipment so they used records as the background music. Then Rapper’s Delight came out and they were doing it more with a baseline and that was dope either way. There was Marley Marl. Public Enemy sampled like crazy and it was done right. And Whodini’s first record sounded incredible. It was sampled and it was a Hip Hop record. Doesn’t matter to me. I choose sampling ‘cause it’s an art form.