I never heard of Dj Dusk until after he passed but I always read good things about him. RIP. Link

Dj Dusk was responsible for various functions in Los Angeles as well as his role as a mentor to inner city youth. He also taught a dj/music class through the UCLA Extnension program. Dusk was also a resident of one of Los Angele’s gems, The Root Down, a weekly hip hop/funk fest at Little Temple which catered to die hard music lovers and dancers. Dj Dusk was best known for his roots reggae/classic salsa sets. His ability to rock a disco joint into a classic hip hop record, then into a samba track was of the norm with Dusk. Dusk was able to teach music appreciation during his dj sets. He was able to make you see the world and enjoy the culture as he would dj. I never got to know him through the “scene” but rather in our downtime at the end of the night when the club was clear and i would pack away my records. We would talk about records and music. This was 4 weeks before his passing. I remember driving home on Roscoe Blvd. in the valley while listening to Garth Trinidad’s Chocolate City program on KCRW, hearing Dusk spin an all Dilla set in memory of the late great. Little did I know, that would Dusk’s last set that would bless my ears.