Here’s a recent interview with Dave Dub, conducted by Vulgar Records/ contributor, Pseudzero. Link

Now tell us everything about Subcontents, Isolated Wax, who are these people, how you hook up.. what the musical scene looks like in San Jose?

SubContents is a savved out, legendary, trend setting crew, that I’m proud to have been apart of. Revolving contributors consist of me, Persevere, Fanatik, Roe, Peanut Butter Wolf, Tapemastah Steph, Mr. Aeks, DJ Havik, the Architect, Zest the Smoker and a small group of San Hopeless boys and girls that mouthpieced us into international cult status. When we were kicking up dust there was definitely a collective conciousness behind us. We were more than just a crew, we were a movement. Me and Persevere met up through Tapemastah Steph and Peanut Butter Wolf produced our first track for his “Step on our Egos” e.p. This was the first unofficial Stones Throw release. Isolated Wax is my label.

Most artists from the Zay Town have this specific dark and rugged style, where does that came from? What are your influences, and who started to influence the other ones in the city as far as this dark sound?

My turf has alotta different styles and approaches to the game of rap. Me pesonally…I’ve always dug music that surfaces emotions that are usually found on the more sinister sides of the life experience. Lames and squares are like cattle, I allign myself with wolves. Whether its Traxamillion and them generating the hyphy shit, or us pushin buttons on that sinister shit, or P.B Wolf doin that Stones Throw shit, the south bay cultivates BOSSES…What’s fucked up is when fools forget where they came from.

Your style is particular also, you got a quite agressive flow, low voice, but thoughtful lyrics (“I aint no thug I rap the good rhymes”). How would you explain this paradox? How would you define your style?

My style is a style of no style. Formless, ageless and shapeless. I do what I want on a mic. I answer to no one when it comes to style, delivery, cadence and subject matter. I really just don’t give a fuck. You can determine whether or not a person is a somebody by how many haters he or she has. Me and my style have hella haters, therefore you should rest assured that we’re worthy of your attention.