I didn’t realize that there was a time when you could pay to get the CEO of Source Magazine to attend and promote your event. Is it just me or is that probably not the best way for the head of a failing organization to spend his time? To be fair, this is completely unsubstantiated and has not been fact-checked. I would email Claudine Hawkins but this post I found is over a year old. Plus, it’s a decent “package” for about $5Gs. I wonder how many mics that includes? Link

Book Your Party or Album Release Party Today!! Here is what the Package Includes!

Jeremy “Jmill” Miller New CEO and President of the Source Magazine, Along with Isaac “Big Hawk” Hawkins CO-Owner of Down Magazine will attend your Party, or (album release party for all you independent artist out there!!) Source/Down Magazines will provide promotional items to be given away at the party.

Party highlights include an “ON DECK” Free Style Rap Battle that Jmill and Big Hawk will guest judge, the winner of the contest will receive airplay on “Down Radio” which airs on XM Radio channel Raw 66, the winner also will receive a free registration to the Texas Summer Music Conference in Dallas June 30th thru July 2nd to compete in the national competition held at the conference. If the freestyle winner wins the big contest that person will be given a slot on Swisha Houses’ own Mike Watts mix tape. Plus, the winner will receive a write up in DOWN MAGAZINE and be mentioned in the SOURCE MAGAZINE.

Also Jmill and Big Hawk are willing to be judges for a modeling show/contest held during the party. The winning model’s picture will appear in DOWN Magazine’s Stacked Section. Also, all model winners will receive free registration to the Texas Summer Music Conference to compete in the Model Contest and be used in The Fashion Show held during the conference, last year’s winner won the opportunity to be in two Benny Boom Videos shot in L.A. and Atlanta.

The full price for this package is $3,000.00. Plus, 3 plane tickets and 3 hotel rooms. After the contract is signed, you must put down $1500.00 as a deposit no later than 7 days after contract is agreed upon and signed by promoter/Source, with the rest of the amount due before or upon the night of the party. If show is cancelled for any reason Source/Down is not responsible for any return of deposits, but would be flexible to re-schedule the event with the promoter if possible.

Please contact Claudine for more details.
Ph: 720-635-8299
Email: claudinehawkins@downmagazine.com

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