Sean Price


So I hear you have been caking pretty nicely…off of selling guest verses to myspace rappers. Do you every get to hear any of the finished products?…Are they ill? What do you think of the myspace rappers?
I think some of them got a chance if they be heard by the right person. I think with some of them it’s not even serious, it’s a hobby. I haven’t did no myspace songs that are straight fucking, horrible, like, give me the money anyway, like a whore.

Have you turned down any?
Many, (laughs), naw man, I’ve turned down like, two. One the beat was so horrible I was like, ‘cmon, b, I can’t see nobody rhyming to this.

What did it sound like?
A fucking mess. I told Dru the other day, I was telling people that I charge like a g to $1200 a verse on myspace. I’m ’bout to ante up my price cuz this little kid on there named Josh is like, ‘Look man, I’m 12, just had my bar mitzvah, and I have a thousand and I would love to have you on the record, man yknow?’ like he’s about to give me some of his bar mitzvah money. I’m like, damn, look at this shit, I’m that cheap, huh. You all can just break the piggy bank, huh. Man, I got to give myself more credit, so I’m about to ante up. You fucked up Josh, you fucked it up for everyone. I’m bout to ante up my bread. When any old kid get to break the bank, and give me $1200 in nickels, it mean I have to go up some more.