Big Boi


What’s up with you and videogames: From cartoons to movies and self-run record labels, you don’t have enough side projects going on already?

Yeah, man, I was asked to do the Def Jam: Icon game over a year ago. I had experience with the first two, and I was like yo, let’s do it. So they came down and scanned me and I got my special moves, then came back and did my voice-overs for story mode. I’ve actually been playing the game all day today – it looks great.

Seriously – you don’t keep busy enough without this shit?

Yeah man, it’s a lot we got on the plate. I’m just finishing up a movie – Who’s Your Caddy? – and now working on a solo record, finishing song titles, laying down cuts and things for that. Def Jam: Icon’s gonna be a good addition to the collection, and my kids are getting a real big kick out of it more than anybody.

So you’re a big videogame head, eh?
Oh yeah, most definitely. When you’re out here on the road, on the tour bus, you know that’s all you do: Just listen to music and play games. I’ve been gaming since I was like, you know, very young – Atari days.