Stumbled across this interesting article by Margeret Sang concerning the International Film Circuit and how independent hiphop artists can utilize it for exposure. A lot of good ideas in there. The video she uses as an example is Illcom: The Uprising and she notes the director won 11 awards and over $4000 dollars in cash grants in 2004. Link, video

This article is about a film-maker who exploited an arena that would develop the value of a Hip Hop music video over the underground competition, without competing with the commercial giants. The power of the music video has been diminished for underground artists by the commercial industry. The consumer has become too savvy to rally around a public access music show in conjunction with one or two local radio interviews and or a club performance. In my mind, there was a piece of the puzzle missing. A modern day promotional tool that would augment the value of underground Hip Hop marketing. Jesse explained.

The International Film Festival Circuit is an untapped marketing device for underground Hip Hop artists. Absolutely Untapped.

In America alone there is roughly 1500 Film Festivals that promote and screen work to over 10 million audience members a year. These audiences members include music labels, film directors, video game designers and famous artists all looking for what is new in film and music. Right now, 25% of these festivals carry a music video category. The last 75% is looking for a way to develop a music video category and will make adjustments to accommodate the music video art form, Especially if it is Hip Hop.