XXL’s blog has an interesting interview with Dres of Black Sheep and he praises Grandmaster Caz for the same reasons we made a Caz record our first release. Link

“People are becoming more grown. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the bullshit still exists, but I definitely see the difference. I hear people talking about different things. Some of the nonsense that cats were into two, three years ago…they wouldn’t touch now. We’re at a time where hip-hop is continuing to grow and take over, which is such a blessing. We have to start looking at each other as competition for originality. You have to understand that people have to do knowledge about the culture. Check it…Grand Master Caz is one of the dopest emcees now! He could get on the stage now, next to any emcee, and he could get busy better than them. Not even on no old school shit, he’s just dumb nice.