In case you missed it the first time around like me, here’s the video for NYOIL’s Y’all Should All Get Lynched. Well done., interview via unkut

The sad thing about the rap world today is that anyone who criticizes the weak shit gets called a “hater”. Have you been accused of that?

I am a hater. So are you. I read your column, you’re a hater big time. So is most of the people that come to your site. What’s wrong with being a hater? I hate certain shit! I hate the fact that a brother can come home after 4 years of college, struggle his ass off, no food ’cause he on a limited scholarship, barely keep a roof over his head, living off TopRamen noodles…Gotta rock the same 4 or 5 outfits for the semester cause his family ain’t really got it for him to get fresh. But somehow that brother stays strong and makes it through, and after all that struggle he come home to nothing. This nigga ain’t shit in the hood he get no glory. But let this fucking dude come home from lock up after a 4 year fuck up. 3 hots and a cot after basically being a fucking loser ’cause if you got locked up that mean you fucked-up somewhere along the line – so your not even a good criminal. “Aww, this dude is the shit”. He gonna get some pussy, the block gonna have a fucking picnic, parties, niggas is gonna have a new outfit for him a blunt already rolled up and the whole shit. That don’t inspire hate in you? You got love for that injustice? If you do then you’re some kind of pussy.