If you define a term does that mean it exists? Does that mean anyone cares? Does that mean people will interpret things the way you do? Someone at work once explained to me the difference between hiphop music and rap music. My life is so much simpler now that I know hiphop music is the hot sh*t I can dance to, but rap music is just rappin’ and head noddin’. Here to make Indian-Americans feel more comfortable in their baggy clothes is a “youth service company” that will help you and big desperate sneaker manufacturers define the sub-culture of kids that like to bump Jayz and also like to shake their hips to Bhangra. Wow, who would of thought? Now I can sound culturally aware when I’m in my next meeting pitching a campaign for Mazda Rx7s. By the way, Bhangra should get its own dedicated channel in NYC, like 105.9’s all day reggaeton, that would give me about 3 stations to listen to. Link

bollyhood [bol-ee-hood] -noun The fusion of South Asian and Urban music and culture.