HipHop Unbound Festival

NYU’s Fest Forward: HipHop Unbound festival goes on until April 15th. Tickets are kind of steep but there might be discounts for students. Honestly, doesn’t look all that interesting, but what do I know? Anyone remember the old Project5/Zulu Nation Essence shows at NYU? Link

Mon, April 3 7:00P.M. The Making of ‘Planet Rock’ Retrospective
Tue, April 4 7:00P.M. Beyond Basic: Human Beatbox Workshop
Wed, April 5 7:00P.M. Decadancetheatre + Full Circle Performance
Thu, April 6 3:00P.M. Beyond Basic: Popping & Locking Workshop
Thu, April 6 7:00P.M. The Great Hip-Hop Swindle Performance
Fri, April 7 7:00P.M. Decadancetheatre + Full Circle Performance
Sat, April 8 2:00P.M. Beyond Basic: Turntablism Workshop
Sat, April 8 7:00P.M. The Future of Hip-Hop Retrospective
Mon, April 10 7:00P.M. Executive Decisions: 30 Years of Powerful Women in Hip-Hop Retrospective
Tue, April 11 7:00P.M. Ameriville Performance
Wed, April 12 3:00P.M. Beyond Basic: Art of Rhyme/Spoken Word Workshop
Thu, April 13 7:00P.M. Deep*NYC Performance
Sat, April 15 10:00P.M. The Coup Performance