RZA and his MV8000
I’m not sure how old this interview is but it’s pretty interesting, especially for all you producers out there. Some of the stuff Rza mentions goes over my head. Interview

What’s one of your favorite songs or film cues that you’ve used the MV-8000 on?
If you check out the movie Blade Trinity, you’ll hear a song that we did called “Fatal.” That song was based on the MV-8000. That song is another example of how I’d take an old sample [in this case from Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground] and alter it in the machine, chop it up how I wanted, and then do some experimentation on top of it.

What also makes the MV so fat is this — you’ve got the BPM sync. So with that sample, for example [he demonstrates] you can time-stretch it out at any tempo. By doing that, the tempo that I needed for the Lou Reed sound could be stretched quickly without going to my computer. It was all done inside the machine. For the newest project I’m working on right now, Cuban Linx Part 2, which is a follow-up to the Raekwon classic Cuban Linx, at least 60-percent of that album was produced on the MV-8000.