Yeti Crab Music

Sometimes the music we listen to is unclassifiable. And sometimes we have to look harder to find what we like. But that’s what makes the discovery that much more satisfying. In honor of the newly discovered Kiwa Hirsuta we bring you another audiocast. Please go out and support your favorite artists and they will support you. Don’t just be a spectator, participation is critical.

PLAYTIME: 40min 5sec
SIZE: 55.0 megs

Tom Inhaler – Untitled #9 Link
KrsOne Intro
T-K.A.S.H – Made In America Link
Serengeti – America Link
Project Polaroid (Kool Keith) – Midwestern Shoe Calhoun Link
Blame One – It’s On Now Link
Dusted Dons + Tame One + Grandmaster Caz – Roll Up Link
Yak Ballz – Fire In The Sky Link
Nocando – Look At You Link
Am One – Do’s and Dont’s Link
Radioinactive – Personality Theft Link
Zest – It Ain’t All Good Link
Ras Kass + GZA – Versus Link

GRANDGOOD AUDIOCAST: Generally we feature newly released Contemporary Rap, as played by people from GRANDGOOD. Broadcasted on the eleventh of each month. Visit for more info. Try one of our channels.

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