Good looks to Diggin’ Music for shouting us out recently and, more importantly, giving some shine to Reanimator’s wonderful record – Music To Slit Wrists By. As discussed in the post the record was originally available in very limited quantities sometime circa 2003. We landed a copy after orchestrating a successful manhunt to catch the omnipresent yet eternally elusive Reanimator. Once we listened to the record, and after renewing our prescriptions for Prozac, we decided other people should be exposed to the beautiful, subtle yet energetic misery we had experienced. So we pressed it up. Diggin’ Music has posted two tracks from the album so go check those to get a taste for what you’ve been missing. You can also check Sage Francis’A Healthy Distrust album (on Epitaph) to hear a few tracks produced by Reanimator. Now, here’s the really good and unbelievabe news. In order to fund his mission to [omitted for purposes of your own protection] Reanimator has put up 55 tracks (that’s not a typo) for sale. Some have already been bought and are no longer available so get crackin’. Literally, go sell crack to buy these beats ’cause once more people figure out where Reanimator’s been hiding, his beats will no longer be affordable for common working class type folks. Link to beats