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Interview with Sole. For a more thorough review of his Mediterranean tour, check out his diary on The Sole Index. If anything, this interview gives us a heartfelt personal account concerning some of the dreadful conditions being faced by people in these countries. Link

“I don’t like the way Anticon is looked at, there are many things I’m not happy with, but to me it’s not even about Anticon anymore, it’s about me and what I want and what I want to do. Because what is Anticon? It’s just a bunch of dudes who started a label; we were all just fucking wild idealists at age 20, and it turned into this thing that was cool, but… we’re all so different. [trying to decide how to pin down Anticon] …all it can be is what it is, and that’s a idealistic little spike into the music industry that will go as far as we can take it. Anything individuals do on top of that is what will give it value, beyond being some hip trans-genre, poetry, avant-shit.”

“[I was in] Tel Aviv. And it was like the day after they killed the leader of Hamas. And when I was in Serbia, that was when all the riots broke out and they burned down 42 Christian churches. And right outside my hotel there was this huge riot going on – they burned a Mosque, and they burned a McDonalds, and then they stormed the embassy. I remember being in my hotel room coughing, and I was like ‘my allergies are bothering me’ and Yasmine was like ‘yeah mine too, but I don’t have allergies’ – there was tear gas in our hotel room. And the day before I was in Bosnia so fucking depressed, listening to people’s stories of every man they know getting killed. And when people have gone through shit like that, what the fuck am I gonna say? What can I possibly write about the world without sounding like some fucking touristic, imperial… child?”